Workforce Talent and Business Process Improvement and Transformation Solutions
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Banking & Finance

Banking & Finance

EWC consultants and analysts provide workforce and staff augmentation  personnel services to business and finance organizations. We are in the business to add value with interim personnel and the recruitment of officers, management, and operational talent. Our consultative business model leads to improvement in financial results and performance standards. We strive to understand the distinction of your culture and values to bolster your workforce and promote transformational and financial success.


EWC helps determine a candidate's competencies for fit in business and finance settings through:

  • Custom value based coaching and mentoring for organizational leaders.
  • Matching talent with the position and the goals aligned with business strategy and culture.
  • Determining talent management metrics.
  • Providing “Interim” C-Suite leaders during times of transition and change.

We are engaged with your leadership team and embed ourselves in your Talent Management Systems, ultimately enhancing the recruitment and selection process.

Our team also supports organizations with workforce management through our expertise with:

  • Workforce reorganization and redesign
  • Transition services for individuals and groups
  • Human Resource Development (HRD) & Talent Management Services

PROCESS & Support Services

As your strategic partner, we offer business process change and support service to identify, educate and implement best practices in the staff and line areas in Banking and Finance. 

Our expertise in change management processes is rooted in “Lean” and "Six Sigma" methods to create mistake proof sets of standards. Ultimately creating a culture which focuses on continuous improvement within employee engagement, elimination of waste and excessive time, and reduced mistakes in the workplace. We carefully learn about your concerns and develop a complete roadmap designed to understand customer demands and to support the business goals.

Our mission is to:

Provide innovative solutions to solve specific problems in overhead functional and administrative shared services. We achieve this by understanding the values, motivations and efforts required by compliance standards, and to accomplish the goals of all stakeholders. . 

Provide the foundation to sustain new processes and workforce advancements to further create an engaged and productive workforce environment. We provide knowledge and training in the areas of:  

  • Managed Services
  • Shared Services Support
  • Operational Process Improvements
  • Process Change Communication
  • Efficiency and Workforce Accountability


EWC’s management team members are experienced professionals in operations, human resources, technology and project management, with credibility in a wide variety of industries. We work as an extension of your vision and purpose in order to collaborate effectively with your team.  Our experience spans from banking corporations to start up organizations.

We align our efforts to increase enterprise value goals through:

  •  Improvement in asset management measures
  • Developing, coaching and mentoring leadership,  engineers and technologists
  • Analysis of UC/VC video conferencing, device management risk and communications applications
  • Talent management and acquisition solutions
  • Project Management  (PM) application protocols
  • Developing standard work in overhead roles using: 5S, mistake proof, lean six sigma methods

Professional Certifications held by our team include:

  • CPA
  • PMP
  • ITIL
  • Lean Kata Coaching