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Job Match Assessment

Statistically, a poor hiring choice or the promotion of good employee into the wrong position will result in unforeseen training costs and high turnover rates. Competency-based hiring identifies the core competencies required for a candidate's success and the subsequent evaluation of their competencies found in their past experiences.

    An individual's core competencies are determined by two groups of factors: Skills, knowledge, and technical qualifications; and
    Behavioral characteristics, personality attributes, and individual aptitudes.

    Traditionally, hiring has usually focused on evaluating a job candidate's skills and technical qualifications. However, the competency-based approach also includes an analysis of the candidate's behavioral characteristics. 

    The benefits of job matching include:

    • Minimizing hiring mistakes,
    • Identifying strengths and limitations of candidates,
    • Targeting developmental needs,
    • Improving an employee's job satisfaction and productivity, and
    • Reducing conflict and absenteeism.