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Lean Thinking & Methods

EWC's mission is to provide the highest quality, value-added services for our clients. We will take the lead in your Lean journey toward becoming “Lean Thinking” as an efficient, world class organization resulting in transforming an organization to continuously works smarter.  Here’s how to eliminate waste:

Seven Deadly Wastes:

  • Transporting materials

  • Excess inventory

  • Excess motion

  • Waiting

  • Over-producing

  • Over-processing

  • Defects

  • The Cure: 5S

From “Gemba” a go and see review to 5S reset your standard work both fundamental Lean tool continuous improvement will be in place. This helps reduce waste in the workplace and improves the recruitment and retention of talent. When applied, it transforms an area from disorganization to organized, and not just by cleaning up an area. 5S is proven to reduce waste, enhance productivity, and promote better ergonomics. What is it?

  • Sort - determine what stays .

  • Straighten - a place for everything.

  • Shine - deep clean.

  • Standardize - how the area is to be used.

  • Sustain - once fixed, keep it that way.

Other Lean and six sigma foundation tools to improve workflow:

  • Value stream and process mapping - knowing steps and processes

  • Kaizen event - (understand the current state, conditions to develop future state - (plan, do, check, act)

  • Kanban - board to visual show work at various stages

  • TPM - total production maintenance as a visual control board of accountability

  • Material replenishment - set levels

  • Supermarket - centralization of supply chain assets and merchandise

  • Mistake proofing - the ultimate stained outcome

  • OFI - opportunity for improvement support CI (continuous improvement)