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360 Leadership Assessment

Not all people in leadership positions are effective leaders but they can be developed into excellent leaders. Some managers should also be trained and groomed to become future leaders. The best possible management development and training decisions are made with objective, quantifiable data about employees. When you are identifying employees who need improvement, providing further development, and tracking the progress made in improving necessary skills, you set your organization up for future success. 

What makes a great leader?
Capability and interest to lead,
Understanding the people they lead,
Understanding themselves and how they impact their people, and
Understanding their purpose as both a leader and a manager of people.
Our 360 Leadership Assessment surveys 70 specific job skills that fall into eight universal management and leadership competencies and 18 skill sets. Multi-rater feedback surveys are completed by managers, their boss(es), their peers, and the people who report to them. The data are compiled into thorough and concise reports for managers to see how their job performance is evaluated by the full circle of people who observe it. 

The Assessment includes recommendations for professional development to enhance each manager's job performance and potential for success.