Workforce Talent and Business Process Solutions

Business Process Management (BPM)

What is the formula to increase your organization's effectiveness and go beyond national quality measurements? When you hire us we use People Sigma business solutions and methods. The results are clear and positive from showing vast improvement in recruitment hiring methods to developing your people and reform performance management processes.   

The Results in a Nutshell:

Develop and execute the recruitment process and stave off the loss of key talent due to marketplace challenges.
Reduce hiring mistakes by 48% by implementing process controls (Lean methods and operations).
Launch a viable succession planning that works for job fit and accuracy of the next generation of leaders. 
Reorganize and redesign corporate functions and departments to save in overhead and improve time to deliver to the customer.
Communication analysis and change control methods that align with your culture and overall output to improve customer satisfaction.
Identify and develop “fast track” methods for improving recruitment and talent management by over 50%.
Implementing a sound Career Development and Rising Stars program that adds value to the succession planning process.

Improving Process:

Eliminate waste in the sales and marketing pursuit and RFP life cycle (Enterprise Strategies).
Reorganization (Conduct Business Demand Survey, Balanced Scorecard, and ITIL Methods) to improve efficiency by up to 35%.
The Delicate Balance Using Technology to Track Attitudes and Performance:

Align department with Earned Value (EV) in technology and marketing departments to the enterprise to grow gross margins 25% and sales growth as much as 85%.
Facilitate focus group discussions - learn new data collection for satisfaction and engagement pulse surveys. Improve the collection of reliable feedback data to focus on the Voice Of the Customer (VOC).