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Talent Acquisition and Management LEAN A3

For nearly 20 years Executive Workforce has provided hands-on using lean tools and sophisticated digital methods in search. Yes, it’s about our base base and professional resources to tap big data sourcing. We identify, source, assess talent for our clients that match. EWC specializes in healthcare, life sciences, animal care, engineering and government sectors and recruit for leadership, finance, operations, service and essential technical roles for talent acquisition.

In healthcare, we also work in the clinical space in recruiting physicians, CNOs and medical directors. We improve talent acquisition value and further attract needed exceptional talent.

EWC Search Advantage  - inclusive, diverse and digital
Our Executive Search practice collaborates with our clients to mine the most sophisticated digital talent tools to identify the “best of class” talent match, effectively brand your organization to prospects and bring refined and proven results. We represent you – we conduct executive compensation analysis, source and vet prospective candidates; assess their predictive performance, reputation and core competencies. With an industry-leading 99% placement success rate, we have a reputation of maintaining integrity, client partnership standards and job match and retention as the pinnacle standard to our success. We offer a proven track record in C-suite, specializations, and all types of executive leaders and board searches. We also assist private equity and venture capital firms in building out their investments.

We draw on the depth of industry success, your values and the organization culture that has built value to your organization. From traditional to sophisticated social networking Executive Workforce Consultants, Inc., has developed the ingredients to artfully blend talent acquisition techniques that are a suitable fit for your organization. Together, we will accurately scope your job, develop SMART goals and establish successful on-boarding and executive integration in the first 100 days. In this way, we collaborate, solve and improve your completive edge in asset acquisition value of your organization including business units, functions and geographic transformation.