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Team Building - Kaizen & Rapid Improvement Events

Team Building - Kaizen and Rapid Improvement Events With Everything DiSC

Building Solutions in Workplace Performance Management - Collaborate and Improve Communications: Apply Kaizen and Rapid Improvement Events with Everything DiSC Workplace

Why do some teams perform better than others? Answer: Applying Lean standard work principles, process and relationship management – understanding why others – team members, colleagues and bosses –  do the things they do is critical to working and performing together. To learn about the priorities and preferences of others is to learn what motivates them.  Also, recognizing the tendencies that individuals utilize to achieve their outcomes is a advantageous piece of intel that leads us to be more efficient and effective.  Understanding these elements can be utilized to broaden the scope of our successful outcomes – to include those of the organization.  The result is a more successful individual and organization.

Kaizen and RIE (Rapid Improvement Event) Training 

Experience a guarantee transformation team building solution to improve satisfaction, improve ROI and be a stronger competitor. Engage your employees in EWC’s rigorous holistic team building and process improvement program. Sustain culture transformation through Kaizen a Japanese term meaning “change for the better” and a RIE (Rapid Improvement Event). Even your leadership and all team members are included in the transformation process - to improve work environments. Applied to business organizations, it implies continuing improvement involving everyone

A 4.5 day process utilizing a team based methodology to apply the lean tools for seeing waste and making immediate improvement.

Your team is comprised of people who have various priorities and modes of operations – some might require more independence, some might love details, some might be great listeners, others might despise details, or possess a distaste for leading and would prefer to just be part of the team, additionally, others might prefer getting to the point, some would rather focus on results and taking action, and still, others might prefer and have greater appreciation for the social aspect. Have we just described your team?

Everything DiSC Workplace 

The Everything DiSC Workplace is a fabulous tool to learn about one's own style and the styles of others. Appreciate styles and learn to communicate more effectively. There are tools available to the manager to assist them in recognizing these differences. And after recognizing the differences, the manager can learn to respond to each of the differences with greater skill and success. The instrument that accomplishes this is the Everything DiSC Management Assessment. The goal is to create a more productive environment in which team members are inspired and productive, morale soars and retention is increased.

  • Understand style differences

  • Learn about your development needs

  • Focus on the team and the customer

And, for leaders, The DiSC Management instrument increases a manager’s effectiveness using personalized learning to help managers:

  • Develop their management styles

  • Improve communication

  • Increase employee engagement