Workforce Talent and Business Process Improvement and Transformation Solutions



Our Mission: Assist our clients in implementing workforce solutions to improve performance in talent acquisition, efficiencies in administration, clinical operations and patient outcomes. 

EWC Healthcare delivers improved productivity and financial results via:

  • Uniquely assembled and experienced teams of consultants and analysts
  • Integrated healthcare solutions built on best practices
  • Customizable programs to identify and develop your most effective leaders
  • Proven process changes to move toward certifiable, mistake-proof environments

We are particularly skilled in helping rural hospitals whether they are community, county-owned or system-owned organizations.


Our experts collaborate with your leadership team, physicians and talent managers to enhance recruitment and selection based on your organizational needs.

Our proven processes:

  • Assess a candidate’s competencies
  • Determine a candidate’s fit
  • Include a Job Match Scorecard based on metrics related to job role, business strategy and culture


Process & Support Services

As your strategic partner, we offer business process change and support services to identify, educate and implement best practices in the clinical and administration areas. 

We have worked with clients to dramatically reduce failures such as errors in service management, procedures and to eliminate wasteful duplication in supply chain protocols.

You can explore more details about capabilities including talent acquisition, career transition services, HR consulting and leadership development.


Our team members are trust agents - experienced administrators and clinicians with industry credibility.

We can help improve your performance with industry quality measures from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (Core Measures, Surgical Care Improvement Project), Hospital Quality Alliance, The Joint Commission and TMF Health Quality Institute.