Workforce Talent and Business Process Improvement and Transformation Solutions



Our Mission: To advance talent acquisition and foster economic development capabilities in government operations, administration, finance, public works, and planning & zoning. Every engagement within the Public Sector Government division begins with an unparalleled proven approach to understanding strategic goals, culture and fit requirements of all stakeholders, including elected officials and those with public-private partnerships.


We speak your language – we know what is important to government officials at the state, county and local levels: council and alderman / alderwomen, city administration, finance, engineers and public works including the business community and people at large with the recruitment process. We help find the right people and develop them to their full potential. Dig into the details of our talent acquisition, feasibility analysis business process management, career transition, HR consulting and leadership development services.


EWC presents innovative solutions involving an advisory selection team from departments and diverse groups - non-conflict oriented advisors process to locate and match the best candidate into your process. We achieve this by delving into the values, motivations and efforts of team members and the overall mission and striving to organizational sustainability and fiscal responsibility. We use our custom build secure Zoho selection dashboard for talent applicant pool scoring.


We are experienced with workforce governance and recruitment in government, chamber of commerce and the citizenry at a local, state and federal levels. Our individual staff past elected officials, administrators and maintain membership capabilities with: IMPA-HR, ICMA, CPA, PMI, SHRM SCP, LEI, LSS and others. EWC professional staff and analysts are connected to Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn. Our organization is a provider to Indeed, Career Builder, Zoho, and job boards with professional associations.