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Change MGT and People Sigma



Human Sigma is the best solution to achieve 100% compliance, reimbursement and improve patient and employee engagement survey results. As example we have evidence based result outcomes with hospitals converting mandatory EMR (Electronic Medical Record) implementation to achieve standard of patient care and compliance for Meaningful Use, Healthcare Standards and (CMS and Joint Commission) oversight. We have dramatically reduced failures in documentation errors in orders and billing, reporting by healthcare wasteful duplication and unreasonable non-essential supply chain protocols. We strive to achieve an understanding of the values, motivations and effort required by physicians, nurses and other healthcare workers to learn and relearn the protocols of the hospital.  Our attempts in presenting innovative solutions solves problems and buy-in.  We carefully listen and learn about their concerns and develop strong forecast models using Six-Sigma Methods designed for hospitals and health systems.   

Every engagement starts with an unmatched effort to understand the "concerns of professional staff" of the problem and to establish practical solutions to improve quality care delivery. The methods are simply integrating solutions, more than analysis of process controls, that work to acheive 100% compliance success. We begin with a 180 open-ended pulse survey to understand the challenges the organization faces, at the "Door of Resistance" and sets the tone for collaborating with key stakeholders and the needs of the patients to care givers.