Workforce Talent and Business Process Improvement and Transformation Solutions

Search, Talent MGT and Acquisition



Healthcare Talent Acquisition and Interim C-Suite Talent Management are in the scope of our core competencies  for Health Systems, Community Hospitals and Physician Groups.  We use baseline tools to match talent with the position and smart goals aligned with your strategy. Our expertise in talent management is specific to (Search-Recruitment) of Staff Administration and Clinical leadership functions. This includes improving the recruitment and selection process in filling positions for Administration, Physicians, and Technology Specialists. We provide Coaching for Executives and Department leaders. Our effort requires collaboration with the leadership team, physicians and HR professionals on all projects. Our experience spans from profit and not-for profit systems, to community government hospitals. We are staffed to temporarily augment interim needs for your C-Suite Leadership during times of change and transition. Members of our management team are experienced administrators and clinicians, with credibility as an extension of your vision and purpose, to work effectively with your staff, medical professionals and the community. 

EWC Healthcare provides business solutions and human capital services to profit, not-for profit and government in healthcare service. Our management and clinical consultants support shared-service relationships and collaborate with leaders in building stronger performance based organizations. Our services lead to game-changing success for building healthy organizational related to people, process and performance. Our professional staff is experienced and qualified: 

  • Define clear requirements to develop organization structure that hold to customer centric success.
  • Manage C-Suite business shared services including the Chief Human Resource functional services.
  • We support operations, fulfillment, technology and solve people issues, capacity planning and service operations.
  • We align our solutions with our clients' strategic goals to meet CMS requirements, quality standards, achieve errorless reimbursement, and streamline processes.
  • Apply "BPM Solutions" are fully transparent to inform and develop people through our Project Management Office (PMO) Client Project Tracking Dashboard.
  • EWC Consultants offer clients 24/7 access.
  • Engage to improve quality and increase their competitive advantage.
  • Pass on knowledge in change management, leadership, lean and six sigma methods to our clients.
  • Our commitment and have a deep appreciation for your cultural values.
  • Set goals in adoption of our methods to improve healthcare processes and practice standards.