Workforce Talent and Business Process Improvement and Transformation Solutions

Project Management Office


Implement EWC's Lean Six Sigma solutions and methods to improve and sustain organizational performance with "people, process and technology."

Application, Benefits and Outcomes:

  • The PMO (Project Management Office) operates as a lifecycle full functioning service to coordinate project activities, manage assets and track project budgets, labor and schedules .
  • Eliminate waste and establish process controls and reduce risk.
  • Identify new methods and develop “fast track” systems for recruitment and improve talent management process systems by over 50%.
  • Align department with Earned Value (EV) in technology and marketing departments to the Enterprise to grow gross margins 25% and sales growth by as much as 85%.
  • Through our facilitation of focus groups, learn new data collection for satisfaction and engagement surveys. Improve on collecting reliable feedback data to focus on the Voice Of the Customer (VOC).
  • EWC requires that communication analysis and change control methods must align with your culture and overall output to improve customer satisfaction.
  • Mentor programs that can add value to the succession planning process.
  • Conduct a Business Demand Survey and apply ITIL foundation and methods to reduce waste and improve efficiencies by over 35%.
  • Reduce hiring mistakes by 48% by implementing process controls (Lean methods and operations).
  • Launch a succession planning program using predictive indexing with organizational charter, goals and scope.
  • Reorganization, alignment and redesign (functions and departments) including processes and standard operating procedures.