Workforce Talent and Business Process Improvement and Transformation Solutions

LSS (Lean Six Sigma)

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Why we focus on the people, process and technology? To meet the challenges set through customer expectations most all projects and program management changes are complex. We collaborate to measure forecast and track  value-added changes to improve quality care to service excellence using standards according to the following criteria:

You are receptive to provide us secure and accurate data, willingness of stakeholders to get involved and customer information. 

An understanding that step objectives and goals must either physically change the product or service in some way, or be an essential to improve value to the enterprise.

The step must be actioned ‘right the first time’ and this is why we apply the principles of People SIgma and Lean Six Sigma Solutions.

Tackle waste with Lean Six Sigma, 6S and value stream maps to eliminate waste.

Using DMAIC/V in Lean thinking methods eliminate non-value steps, address waste and improve performance.

Focus on the customer and use EWC Tools to help you measure results.

Identify and understand how the work gets done (the value stream).

Manage, improve and smooth the process flow.

Remove Non-Value-Added steps and waste.

Manage by fact and reduce variation.

Involve and equip the people in the process.

Undertake improvement activity in a systematic way