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Enterprise Value


Best Practice Solutions for Enterprise Value

Executive Workforce Consultants' results are measured to bring earned value (EV), sometimes refered to as return on investment (ROI).  EWC is a resource for solutions and tools that help you deliver the best possible competitive products and services. Engagements typically lead to 80-90% reduction in waste and 94% employee adoption and implementation of our solutions.  


We will work with you to establish a series of featured processes from best practices in the industry, useful checklists and forms to support your current methodology, and a change process model you can adopt. We take a deep dive and clean up chronic failures and errors in your business by: 

  • Applying Failure Mode Effective Analysis (FMEA) methods to quickly identify the root cause of waste and inefficiencies.
  • Aligning department operations with corporate goals to support and measure Earned Value (EV) and Value Added (VA) versus Non-Value Added (NVA).
  • Achieving change management and creating a Voice of the Customer (VOC) Program for your organization using Lean and Six Sigma Smart Methods.
  • Reorganizing using the Conduct Business Demand Survey, Balanced Scorecard, and ITIL Methods to achieve at least 20-35% of increased productivity.
  • Redesigning corporate functions and departments to improve efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Identifying and developing better efficiencies with your employees, such as:
    • Reducing hiring mistakes by 48% by implementing Lean Methods operating process controls;
    • Launching succession planning using predictive indexing with organizational goals and scope; and
    • Identifying and developing "fast track" methods for recruitment and talent management that increase effectiveness by 50%.

Our consultants have the experience to lead you through the challenges of establishing your personal brand and aligning it to consistent business delivery. We can create and implement a step-by-step process for establishing and developing a successful business, including:

  • Ongoing Client Review, providing resources to help you conduct effective client reviews.
  • Comprehensive Project Planning through our PMO, which is a best practices model intended to help you provide the highest level of communication on the status and results. 
  • Focused Advisory Processes, providing consulting services to help you develop a targeted business integrating the best elements of your current client base and helping you achieve your vision for a unique business model. This plan will be aligned with a personal and process approach to serving your clients.