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Coaching For All Organizational Needs

Coaching For All Organizational Needs
Executive Workforce Consultants (EWC) and EWC Healthcare apply Human Sigma to all Coaching assignments: We have discovered in over 1,400 Individual and Group Coaching assignments that change requires the willingness and know-how of the individual to improve communication relationships.  The foundation we use is through enhancement of understanding oneself and others, mainly the customer and patient. We blend the principles of IQ (Intelligence Quotient) with EQ (Emotional quotient) with every assignment and then focus in interest, skills and values. Once we've assessed the individual we can develop a convincing roadmap to determine positive growth and outcomes for the individual, team and organization. It is a repeatable and very successful process. We use performance management indicators, plans, road-maps and other tools used within the organization to identify measure and track results for all parties.  Additionally, our professional Coaching Team of Professionals are using our Career Coaching platform, methods and dashboards to support desired outcomes: This can apply to career path development, assessment and fit, leadership, and succession planning.  Are coaches are uniquely qualified and certified to assist your human resources function with alternative dispute resolution (ADR) to curriculum planning for leadership and education training. 

Coaching On-Demand The Coaching on Demand service addresses the challenges of sales-focused leaders in sustaining organizational performance. Coaching on Demand illuminates continuous improvement by supporting the executive in leadership branding techniques to become successful in transforming leaders so they collaborate more effectively with leadership teams, peers, and direct reports. Ultimately, successful leaders improve productivity, survey results and the bottom line profits. We adhere to the business, values and code of conduct of our clients; as well as to the strict confidential relationship with people involved in development, performance management and enrichment.

Application, Benefits and Outcomes

We provide a roadmap to leadership development, succession and performance standards and measurements.

Benchmark leadership performance by evaluating competencies and capabilities with Executive Workforce Consultants’ business model CoachTracks™.
Improve leadership performance and minimize organizational disharmony through third party audit and intervention programs.
Maximize management development by helping leaders learn new roles, skills and competencies.
Accelerate business growth and development, reduce waste and improve profitability.
Use business performance indicator tools to assist in developing individual, organizational, change management and team development skills.
Identify leadership issues and establish individual goals and career development plans.
Evaluate the effectiveness of internal communications.
Employ peer company comparisons to assess how your company meets the growth and development and educational needs of your employees.
Foster individual contribution and team success by increasing trust, commitment and synergy among team members.
Developing Leaders

EWC Coaching is a cohesive process adding value to organizational effectiveness, enhancing individual performance and ultimately increasing enterprise value. We provide practical solutions to business challenges involving people. EWC is experienced and trained in the style and performance management tools identified and hosted in our coaching services.


EWC is uniquely qualified and uses a coaching model to support the confluence of shareholders, stakeholders and people retention of talent using technology advancements, workforce strategies and executive performance management measurements. Our consultants have an average of 15 years of professional experience in diverse fields and functions. We are oriented for both leadership and customer services in a variety of industries. EWC provides objective consulting advice by strictly adhering to our independence and fee structure.