Collaborative Workforce Solutions



EWC Healthcare provides talent acquisition and interim services with traditional medical and homeopathic colleges and universities, rural and community hospitals and clinics, including health system organizations. Our consultative business model leads to improvement in financial results and performance standards. We are in the business to add value to interim and recruitment of administration and clinical / physician talent. We strive to understand the distinction of your culture and values to bolster your workforce and promote transformational and financial success.

Talent Management & ACQuisition

Determine candidate's competencies for fit in Health Systems, Community Hospitals, FQHC, and Physician Groups:

  • Custom value based coaching and mentoring for administrators and clinician leaders.
  • Match talent with position and goals aligned with business strategy and culture.
  • Determine talent management metrics.
  • Provide “Interim” C-Suite leaders during times of transition and change.

We are engaged with your leadership team, physicians and embed ourselves in Talent Management Systems, ultimately enhancing the recruitment and selection process.


  • Expertise in workforce reorganization and redesign
  • Transition services for individuals and groups
  • HR Talent Management Systems

Change Management Processes

Our change management process uses “Lean” methods to eliminate waste, excessive time and reduces mistakes in the workplace. We carefully learn about your concerns and develop a strong roadmap designed to improve ways caregivers and providers serve patients.

Our professional staff applies “Reality Based Leadership Training”, Lean Daily Management, Kata Coaching (Lean A3), 5S and Mentoring with your Healthcare providers. With this foundation, EWC has developed a reputation to support “best selection” in candidate assessment. We strive to achieve 100% engagement of all stakeholders.

EWC represents innovative solutions to solve specific problems in administrative services and the clinical arena. We achieve this by understanding the values, motivations and efforts required by physicians, nurses, and other clinician workers to learn the technology protocols of the hospital or organization.


EWC’s management team members are experienced administrators and clinicians, with credibility in the Healthcare field. We work as an extension of your vision and purpose in order to collaborate effectively with your staff, medical professionals and the community.  Our experience spans from profit and not-for profit systems, to community government hospitals.

Align our efforts to increase quality care:

  • CMS Surgical Care Improvement Project (SCIP) measures
  • Core Measures for Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS)
  • Hospital Quality Alliance (HQA)
  • Hospital Quality Alliance (HQA) Ten Measures
  • Hospital Quality Measurements
  • Joint Commission
  • TMF Health Quality Institute

Professional Certifications:

  • CHHR
  • Lean Kata Coaching