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Search, Talent Management and Acquisition

Healthcare Talent Acquisition and  Interim C-Suite Talent Management are in the scope of our core competencies  for Health Systems, Community Hospitals and Physician Groups.  We use baseline tools to match talent with the position and smart goals aligned with your strategy. Out expertise in talent management is specific to (Search-Recruitment) of Staff Administration and Clinical leadership functions. This includes improving the recruitment and selection process in filling positions for Administration, Physicians, and Technology Specialists. We provide Coaching for Executives and Department leaders. Our effort requires collaboration with the leadership team, physicians and HR professionals on all projects. Our experience spans from profit and not-for profit systems, to community government hospitals. We are staffed to temporarily augment interim needs for your C-Suite Leadership during times of change and transition. Members of our management team are experienced administrators and clinicians, with credibility as an extension of your vision and purpose, to work effectively with your staff, medical professionals and the community.


Change Management and People Sigma

Human Sigma is the best solution to achieve 100% compliance, reimbursement and improve patient and employee engagement survey results. As example we have evidence based result outcomes with hospitals converting mandatory EMR (Electronic Medical Record) implementation to achieve standard of patient care and compliance for Meaningful Use, Healthcare Standards and (CMS and Joint Commission) oversight. We have dramatically reduced failures in documentation errors in orders and billing, reporting by healthcare wasteful duplication and unreasonable non-essential supply chain protocols. We strive to achieve an understanding of the values, motivations and effort required by physicians, nurses and other healthcare workers to learn and relearn the protocols of the hospital.  Our attempts in presenting innovative solutions solves problems and buy-in.  We carefully listen and learn about their concerns and develop strong forecast models using Six-Sigma Methods designed for hospitals and health systems.  



EWC Professionals and Analysts are Knowledge Resources for (Core) Clinical and Healthcare organizations. Reach to EWC and you will discover an innovative approach to create positive attitudinal change and show ROI results you'll adopt that will stick with your organization. We focus to improve the talent acquisition process, performance and quality care. EWC is a game changer to apply Human Sigma measures along with our understanding of human resources strategies, technology communications, hardware and software protocols to improve accuracy and time to deliver. We align our effort to increase your rating with process of Core Measures (CMS), HQA, Hospital Quality Measurements, HQA 10 Measurements, Joint Commission, Hospital Quality Alliance, TMF Health Quality Institute, and SCIP Quality Indicators. Our staff are professionals to use the methods and tools and certified SPHR, LSS, BBSSM, ITIL and FACHE knowledge experts.


Value Solutions

EWC projects include ROI components.  Our collaborative efforts will improve quality care, billing systems, surgery centers to support institutional change and saving $2-$25 Million or more for Healthcare organizations who leverage our Lean and Six Sigma methods to build efficiencies to improve performance of people, succeed in change management goals.

Delivery Solutions for People

EWC Healthcare provides and implements human capital and business solutions in healthcare for profit  not-for profit and government hospitals and other healthcare entities. Our management and clinical consultants are game-changers in human capital lifecycle solutions, capacity planning and service delivery to improve business performance and satisfaction.  We support our clients' desires to implement sophisticated and tailored "BPM Solution" through our Project Management Office (PMO). EWC Healthcare Group applies and teaches Lean Six Sigma Methods to improve the quality and gain traction when adopting technologies changes for administration, clinical and non-clinical Healthcare delivery services.