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Technology Services


EWC's incorporates a "holistic" approach to your technology challenges. We foremost develop a roadmap to identify the "root cause" of failure with people, process and technology. This approach is used for every engagement using Project Management, Business Process Management and Customer Trend tools. Otherwise, you can expect that 85% of the time new technology adoption will fail.  We collaborate with your leadership team aiming high to fix, grow and support your intentions to differentiate yourself from the competition. We collaborate with IT Consulting Groups and your IT staff in a meaningful and non-disruptive or threatening way. We apply this philosophy to our work by:

  • Learning your business strategy and understanding how you operate within your industry space.
  • Thinking "holistic" when evaluating the business enviornment using the 4 P's: Product and services, Price, Promotion, Place when considering CRM software.
  • Considering customer value and end-user requirements.
  • Thinking agile to phase in change, avoiding unnecessary change orders or delivery failures to customes.
  • Applying Lean Six-Sigma methods (DMAIC) to enhance output accuracy, eliminate down time and unnecessary redundancies, data errors and risk.
  • Adding value to fulfillment, customer satisfaction reporting and billing.
  • Leveraging our client service practices in IT Search, Talent Management (Leadership and Coaching), and Business Process Management (BPM).
  • Helping you properly forecast technology spend and to increase ROI value savings to your organization and your customers.
  • Helping improve services, hardware, software and weigh the financial risk when outsourcing - virtual servers, storage and web services.
  • Achieving a 10-15 times financial return within 24-months on the investment.
  • Reducing Accounting Operating Procedures (AOP) and expenses to meet your profitability goals year after year. 
  • Becoming more strategic with your technology spend.