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Government Services

EWC's Government Services Specialize in Talent Acquisition of Leaders in Government.  Additionally, our Consulting Team improves efficiencies in government mangement of key services. Our professionals are knowledgable in leadership, government and compliance agencies, education government, law, government public partner relationships at local, state and national levels. Our specialization practices include:

Leadership Development (Executive Coaching), Retained Search, Business Process Management (BPM); Career Transition, HR Consulting for:
  • Administrative Senior Staff and Mayors
  • Accounting & Finance
  • Economic Development
  • Government City Administrations
  • Human Resources and Compensation
  • Public Works, Planning and Zoning
  • Aviation Administration
  • Parks and Recreation
  • Strategic Planning
We provide a wide range of confidential assessment and Leadership Development /Executive Coaching (PXT Profile or DiSC of Leaders and CheckPoint 360) for individuals or in a group settings. 


  • Leadership Development /Executive Coaching
  • ICF Certifications
  • Government recognized Credentials and Clearances
  • Collaboration in Government Agencies with Engineering Firms and Citizen Groups
  • Smart Tools and Analytics for Government Infrastructure
  • Outsourcing Human Resources
  • Survey Research Design including Census analysis using Lean Six-Sigma
  • Project Management Office (PMO)
  • Document Management and Process Controls
  • IT People Solutions (People Sigma)
  • HR Legal and Compliance Issues
  • Search, Recruitment, Selection and Hiring    
  • Outplacement (Individual and Group)


EWC is focused on enhancing Government performance with people, process and technology. This iincludes consulting in our core practices:
  • Economic Development Search
  • Administration and Engineering Search and Retention
  • Our professional staff is on approved lists with local, state and federal agencies for coaching for success
  • Process controls for recruitment, selection and talent management
  • Risk mitigation in techology services with Engineering, Technology and Communications vendors
  • Developing senior staff personnel in performance management