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Aviation & Defense (A&D)


EWC's specializes in Human capital consulting and BPM services with Aviation & Defense (A&D) industries. Consulting services include Career Transition, Executive Search, Assessment and Development for individuals and teams to address the challenges workforce agility and process improvement.  All EWC offices and 135 business partner offices are locally owned and operated focusing on tailored services. Our focus is central to the rapidly transforming business environment of growth contraction. We apply Lean Six-Sigma methods and are people focused on all engagements. Where beneficial, EWC can leverage our Project Management Office to properly scale resources to accomplish quick results to expedite services to our clients and candidates to reduce aggravation and offer the highest quality of services. 

The scope of work is aligned with your budget requirements.  EWC can:

  • Improve the time for Career Transition (Outplacement) executives and professionals in finding new employment, consulting or self-employment aligned with their career goals.
  • Improve the niche job search process for Outplacement Candidates in a time of contraction with the  A&D Industries.
  • Coach "Rising Stars" using sophisticated job match assessment tools for predictive success and quick on-boarding.
  • Through executive search locate the best match talent to fill critical positions within the organization.
  • Eliminate waste in your sales and marketing pursuit and Request For Proposal (RFP) life cycle by using our Enterprise Strategies.
  • Align your technology and marketing departments' Earned Value (EV) to your Enterprise goals to grow more effectively.
  • Achieve change management and create a Voice of the Customer (VOC) Program for your organization using Lean and Six Sigma Smart Methods.
  • Use Organization Effectiveness Programs, such as the Conduct Business Demand Survey, Balanced Scorecard and ITIL Methods, to achieve 20-35% of increased productivity.
  • Redesign corporate functions and departments to improve efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Identify and develop better efficiencies with your employees by:   
    • Reducing hiring mistakes by 48% by implementing Lean Methods operating process controls;
    • Launching succession planning using predictive indexing with organizational goals and scope; and identifying and developing "fast track" methods for recruitment and talent management that increase time-to-hire by 50%.