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Animal "Pet" Hospitals and Clinics

Animal "Pet" Hospitals and Clinics are rapidly changing and "Fast-Track" organizations. Veterinarians are focused on the care of animal and the challenges of services to offer customers. EWC and EWC Healthcare provide support and consulting solutions to improve on-boarding, employee manuals, processes for laboratory testing and job match assistance in the recruitment of Veterinarians and front office management. We have a thirst to improve methods in bolstering the recruiting process to provide HR tools, Employee Handbooks and resources to run a successful Animal Hospital and Day Care Spa. 

The scope of work is dependent on your needs and often includes:

  • PXT and DiSC for selection, building stronger teams and improve communication in customer care.
  • Daily Lean and Six Sigma principles to improve testing, billing and HR methods.    
  • Integrate Lean and Six Sigma Smart training methods to achieve change management goals and objectives.
  • Conduct Satisfaction and Business Demand Surveys, use Balanced Operations Scorecard and ITIL Methods, to achieve 20-35% of increased productivity and reduce waste.
  • Redesign corporate functions and departments to improve efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Identify and develop better efficiencies with your employees, such as:
      • Reducing hiring mistakes by 48% by implementing Lean Methods operating process controls;
      • Using tools that evaluate and assess for job matching in selection and team development; Launching succession planning using predictive indexing with organizational goals and scope; and Identifying and developing "fast track" methods for recruitment and talent management that increase time-to-hire by 50%.