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Rising Star Program (Development Roadmap to Succession Planning)


EWC’s Rising Stars Stewardship Program masters the organic development for next generation leaders.  Talent acquisition, development and job match will  lead your organization to unparalleled success with a revived competitive advantage in the marketplace. This  occurs through individual and organization value alignment, camaraderie in the business community curriculum for advancing specializations and matching career interests in building personal and enterprise value.  Learn to develop a "new" engaged workforce  with our Rising Star Mentor platform and professional Talent Management.   

The 8 Core Elements powered by the Mentorship Dashboard:

  • Identification, evaluation and selection of  “Rising Stars” by the organization of those individuals prone to become leaders and whose proven track record and superior performance are highly valued by your organization and customers.
  • Development and retention "Roadmap" for building faithful trust relationships with the current Leadership Team and those selected Rising Stars. Apply elements to support the strategic alignment across business units throughout the Enterprise.
  • Assess career advancement readiness using tools designed to measure aptitude, project skills and style of next generation leaders. An outcome is the unparalleled curriculm planning instrument to promote fast-track growth.
  • Learn how to lead department group meetings and appreciate department culture Gain exposure to other functions by participating in project work with "real-time" work teams.
  • Train-the-Trainer Mentorship techniques for leaders to lead others as highly effective mentors.
  • Individual Career Advising for individuals in the Rising Star Program in receiving profession career consulting to clarify individual goals, career challenges and curriculum planning.
  • Become Customer Focused and learn to use Voice of the Customer (VOC) methods to understand customer needs, BtoB and BtoC purchasing habits, trends and value creation.
  • Project Work-Plan Collaboration with other Rising Stars for meetings to take on a challenging business issue needing resolved. Present the results at the Leadership Team Meeting.

EWC's Rising Star Program promotes a better balance for people and priorities by embracing the paradoxes of organizational growth and development with personal growth. All participants will be evaluated.