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Career Transition Services (Outplacement)

Executive Workforce, a privately owned company, provides transition assistance and project management support through our local offices and three global partnerships in 50 states and 14 countries. Our services and programs are highly customized to support the knowledge of each individual and corporate culture experiencing the transition, ranging from individual to group workforce realignment. Our services help you preserve the operational integrity of your organization and the dignity of transitioning and non-transitioning associates.

Distinct Advantages for Your Organization

  • Tools, support and services you need to mitigate the legal risks to your organization by providing services and resources to transitioning employees.
  • Provides HR support for single discharges to plant closures, WARN notification, communications, PMO activities affecting up to 25,000+ displaced or redeployed employees nationwide.
  • Provides major 3rd party project management assistance through our sophisticated Project Management Office (PMO) in coordinating, messaging and delivering services through your human resource staff.
  • Offers expertise in designing transition benefits, coordinating services and conducting group orientation and workshop sessions.
  • Applies flexible co-managed services that allows for either upfront billing according to a specified scope and length of engagement or by progressive hourly billing.
  • Provides candidate tracking to placement services and project management set-up services.

Features and Benefits for Your Workforce

  • Responsive and personalized services tailored to meet individual career objectives using EWC's Employment Talk Version 5 platform for job seekers, project trainers, and sophisticated job match tools.
  • Expert guidance, 5 sophisticated assessment too, coaching and career development by skilled, experienced consultants.
  • Established and local Career Transition Centers and Virtual Centers that offer a full range of consulting services and transition business application tools including social media collaboration as with (LinkedIn Service Training, EWC's Employment Talk, administrative services and all accessible using mobile technology platforms).
  • Use of Unified Conferencing (Webinars) for servicing populations with standardized proprietary database tools to organize, broaden and deepen the seeker's experience.
  • Offering individual and group outplacement programs that range from customized career services at the executive level to more basic services for non-management and hourly employees.