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Project Management Office


Implement EWC's Lean Six Sigma solutions and methods to improve and sustain organizational performance with "people, process and technology."

Application, Benefits and Outcomes:

  • The PMO (Project Management Office) operates as a lifecycle full functioning service to coordinate project activities, manage assets and track project budgets, labor and schedules .
  • Eliminate waste and establish process controls and reduce risk.
  • Identify new methods and develop “fast track” systems for recruitment and improve talent management process systems by over 50%.
  • Align department with Earned Value (EV) in technology and marketing departments to the Enterprise to grow gross margins 25% and sales growth by as much as 85%.
  • Through our facilitation of focus groups, learn new data collection for satisfaction and engagement surveys. Improve on collecting reliable feedback data to focus on the Voice Of the Customer (VOC).
  • EWC requires that communication analysis and change control methods must align with your culture and overall output to improve customer satisfaction.
  • Mentor programs that can add value to the succession planning process.
  • Conduct a Business Demand Survey and apply ITIL foundation and methods to reduce waste and improve efficiencies by over 35%.
  • Reduce hiring mistakes by 48% by implementing process controls (Lean methods and operations).
  • Launch a succession planning program using predictive indexing with organizational charter, goals and scope.
  • Reorganization, alignment and redesign (functions and departments) including processes and standard operating procedures.