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EWC's Project Management Office can help reduce waste and aggravation by implementing your industry's best practices.

The scope of work is dependent on your needs but EWC can:
  • Eliminate waste in your sales and marketing pursuit and Request For Proposal (RFP) life cycle by using our Enterprise Strategies.
  • Align your technology and marketing departments' Earned Value (EV) to your Enterprise goals to grow more effectively.
  • Achieve change management and create a Voice of the Customer (VOC) Program for your organization using Lean and Six Sigma Smart Methods.
  • Use Organization Effectiveness Programs, such as the Conduct Business Demand Survey, Balanced Scorecard and ITIL Methods, to achieve 20-35% of increased productivity.
  • Redesign corporate functions and departments to improve efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Identify and develop better efficiencies with your employees, such as
    • Reducing hiring mistakes by 48% by implementing Lean Methods operating process controls;
    • Launching succession planning using predictive indexing with organizational goals and scope; and
    • Identifying and developing "fast track" methods for recruitment and talent management that increase time-to-hire by 50%.