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Why Eyes Matter: Can You Fully Automate The Hiring Process?

There is an overwhelming agreement within the C-Suite of the need to reduce the time to hire and lower non-productive cost in hiring through automation of talent sourcing. The "virtual automated recruiter" better know as an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) rank orders the talent pool to match the job criteria. Yet, a mere 28% of all qualified candidates accurate and fully raising challenges of finding the most qualified candidate. It comes down to what ever is inputted may or may not be validated or accurate. The system might be weak or inaccurate in candidate selection and cultural fit. Culture is the widest variable of fit and determines if the organization is a good or great place to work. EWC has designed a "soft" on-boarding scorecard to map out how best to integrate new talent. When creating a job description we apply Six Sigma and People Sigma methods to determine what information needs to be collected and calibrated for the position. We recommend incorporating selection assessment tools. We are experts and certified distributors for EWC's Performance Management Tools including Wiley Publishing. We are certified trainers of the PXT Profile, Everything DiSC Workplace, Sales and Of Leaders Profiles used for selection, communications and workforce alignment. We have assessment tools for succession planning and reorganization, a growing challenge for stakeholders.To learn more contact us:

C-Suite Takes Stock of Talent Management: Growth, Cost Containment & Process Changes

The C-Suite is carefully taking stock of spend on human capital and talent management. Indicative of the times, there is greater scrutiny and need to measure ROI value of workforce management and leadership development. The craze is in the attraction and quick development and retention of a cultural brand of the best and bright talent. No longer is this the singular role of OD or HR. It is housed in the C-Suite or has a direct reporting line. "If organic growth is direction we take we need both Talent Management Programs and reliable ERP and HRIS systems. We must identify our hi-potential and willingness to bring critical thinkers, collaborators and technically competent people who will build our future." CEO Biotech Company. OD is no longer the overhead to teach, instead it is a solution to learn. EWC collaborates with Executives and your Leadership Team to design, develop and implement sustainable Leadership Programs using business and culture base tools to build a trusting organization. To accomplish this we are embedded in your Shared-Services functions to work with your teams, attract talent and blend cultures that complement results for customer demands, while measuring ROI. Visit EWC to receive our talent management tool that works for all industries and organizations - the Work Culture Plan. .
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The Clock is Ticking For CHRO Business Value

Changing Landscape of Human Resource Function requires bolstering engagement by HR Leaders with  associates, and Management. At least that is what is trending in 2017 employee pulse satisfaction surveys. On an average, 76% of all employees inquire about "fast track" mentor assistance before joining a company; whereas 82% of "C-Suite and business line quality management expect faster more reliable information and are asking, "Does my HR department have the tools to get the job done?" This includes, job descriptions, FMLA, compensation, safety, conduct and retaliation and HR audit policy reviews. EWC Healthcare is partnering up with ASHHRA to develop a platform for device management system to support talent management and acquisition. We are asked frequently, "Can you asses how we can automate our HR function to improve support, timeliness and accuracy?" This is the reason our Certified Human Resource Professionals are strategic and technologically focused to help improve uptime of HRIS systems, train HR to mitigate risk as well as support business goals for shareholders, stakeholders and customers when they need it." CJ, Westrick, SPHR, Managing Partner, leads EWC's HR practice Services for Healthcare, Medical Device, Engineering, Pharmaceuticals, and the Non-Profits. Expertise: 1) Employee Handbook, 2) Payroll, Annual HR Plan Audits and Updates; 3) Strategic Planning for Managers and Owners; 4) Alternative Dispute Resolution and training, 5) Compensation Analysis for large or small organizations. To learn more contact us at:

Intergrate Talent Management with People, Process and Culture Transformation

Establishing HR as part of the business.Our EWC Learning Institute offers training programs to develop all levels of talent and leadership within the organization. Curriculum varies and is customized to meet your business challenges, sales growth strategies, recruitment and retention to business process management.Our curriculum development and certification programs are facilitated by certified experts with EWC and EWC Healthcare. Standardize work and develop people lead to the strengthening of protocols, better communications in developing your workforce. Programs are offered though visual and virtual training in classroom setting to the use of handheld devices. Programs are certifiable and include CEU credits with the following professional associations, ASHHRA, HRCI, SHRM, LEA, to support your culture and values. We leave a "light" footprint to continuously improvement and expand an alignment with the leadership, stakeholders, customers  patients as rapid economic and environments change. This applies to mergers and acquisitions and fast-track growth organizations.


7 East Steps to Recalibrate Headcount and Avoid Mistakes

EWC's Certified Lean Six Sigma Experts Focus on People, Process and Technology for financial results:

1. Logistics & transporting materials

2. Excess inventory

3. Excessive movement

4. Time to deliver product or service

5. Over-production

6. Over-processing 

7. Defective materials

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Outplacement: It Works!

Ease the landing after no-fault job loss situation and offer Outplacement Services. At the end of the day, showing compassion and assisting with re-employment is valued by displaced employees and impressions by associates and the community. The tools for job sourcing, professionalized development of their resume personalized enhancements for branding and virtual and in-person interview skill training are critical factors in landing a job. EWC has offices in Phoenix, San Diego, Denver, Overland Park (Kansas City), Columbia, St. Louis, Albuquerque, Overland Park, Wichita and partners with the Career Transition Global Partnership, including access to 3,000 Regus Offices worldwide.   

Talent Management to Leverage The Competitive Advantage

What do we know about talent management branding? Through our beta test tool Evaluate Your Workforce Culture Plan and determine your score for culture communications and processes, talent management and recruitment solutions, social media standards, leadership analysis and diversity assessment. The EWC Cultural Assessment is the 1st step to achieve value business alignment. Reach out to us to receive a complementary analysis and turn your labor force into an agile flexible and face pace culture to gain the n the competitve edge with superior quality products and services.   

Lean Kata Coach "New" for Managers

Why reset on Manager coaching?  Lean Kata Coaching focuses on the fundamentals of advanced Lean Management and tools to use with employees by setting clear expectations and communicating their priorities through Kaizen process improvement, Plan, Do, Check, Act (PDCA) and recalibrating SMART goals to improve daily. The passion and drive we have is to drive results and giving people an opportunity to excel. EWC professionals are trained and certified in coaching leaders through ICF(International Coaching Federation) and the LEI (Lean Enterprise Institute), We use sophisticated tools that help in the alignment of professional goals with business strategies.